Partner meeting APPROACH in Vienna

Martijn Meima

APPROACH partner meeting resilience diversity tools for trainers

In the APPROACH project we are creating some valuable tools for trainers to deal with diversity in groups. We are also developing a resilience app which can help trainers (and others) to become more resilient. This way you can deal with crises and difficult situations more easily.

Today we met in Vienna with the project team to take the next step in the process. We reviewd the developments until now and were happy what we have achieved already. It was great to see all the project partners in-person again. This makes it easier to communicate and brainstorm together.

We have also defined the next steps to take. Stay tuned, because we will be able to show you more later. One of the steps is organizing an event in the different partner countries (the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, and the United Kingdom). If you are interested, let us know and we will invite you.