Partner meeting APEL in Sofia

Martijn Meima

Today we finally had the chance to see our partners of the APEL project in-person again. The great people from Austria, Slovenia, and Bulgaria all came to Sofia where we made good progress on the development of the different project results. We focused on the policy recommendations about youth participation. In the end it is a great document for policy makers in which we have collected best practices and recommendations from the partner countries.

We also talked about a great event we will organize in Celje, Slovenia on December 9. There we will show the results of this project: the coaching cards which youth workers can use to coach youth on their leadership skills and how to prepare meeting with policy makers. We will also present the training manual for trainers to work with youth on leadership skills. Finally we will also present the recommendations for policy makers.
Of course we will not only talk about it, but we will give the participants an experience and let them work with the tools we have developed. This way it will be a very dynamic, interactive, and learning experience.

Of course we also had time for social activities and to get to know each other better.

If you are interested in the coaching cards and training manual, you can download them here.