Our founders

The International School of Entrepreneurship was founded in 2019 after we have been working together successfully in a European Erasmus+ project. We were excited about the possibilities to create cool stuff based on our multi-layered approach. With the International School of Entrepreneurship we wanted to combine our talents and bring more layers to the way we do business in the world. 

In 2021 Demian left the International School of Entrepreneurship to focus on his own company.

Martijn Meima

Martijn Meima

managing partner

Martijn is the business intuition expert. He combines his business knowledge and experience in a unique way with more intuitive approaches like business constellations, energy work and visualisations. 
Martijn is the author of The Effortless Entrepreneur and an international trainer and coach.

Frederique te Dorsthorst de Muij

Frédérique te Dorsthorst - De Muij

managing partner

Frédérique is a storyworker. She helps organizations, teams, and individuals to unravel the mess of stories that appear in difficult situations. She helps to align the different layers in a story in a way that they all contribute to a successful team, organization or life.

She is currently writing her book about the narrative approach and the use of archetypes.


Demian Burgenik


Demian is a specialist in facilitating the development of teams and individuals. Facilitating is his passion. He achieves extraordinary results with both the individual participants and the group.

In his own company he creates profound experiences to empower and enlighten people and life.