APPROACH Multiplier Event

Martijn Meima

Today we share the results of the APPROACH project with more than 40 trainers in the Netherlands. We were happy that Schouten & Nelissen could host the event. This is one of the largest training institutes in the Netherlands.

We started by letting the participants experience what diversity is by asking them how they differed from their neighbor and how they were the same.

Then we made it even more clear by doing the Step Over The Line process in which you step over the line if you have certain characteristic or have experienced a certain event in your life.

Of course we also told the participants about our partnership and the background of the  APPROACH project results.

We finished the morning program with a constellation format in which the participants could experience the different aspects of diversity like gender, religion, and cultural and how they relate to these.

In the afternoon we offered a caroussel of different tools from the training manual on diversity and online platform about resilience that we have developed.

The trainers could experience 4 of the tools themselves. This way they could find out how they could use this in their day to day business.

We ended the day with a deep meditation in which the participants could connect to the source and integrate all their experiences.

Many trainers stayed for a drink and to talk about diversity, the tools, their work, and much more.


If you are interested in the manual on Diversity Leadership, you can download it here.
If you are interested in the online platform and app about resilience, click here to get access.