APEL meeting in Vienna

Martijn Meima

It is possible again to travel abroad. With our COVID passport and face mask we stepped in the train from Arnhem, Netherlands, to Vienna, Austria. It was a long ride, but also a great way to travel. We got to do a lot of work and enjoy the scenery.

In Vienna we met with the other partners of the APEL project. It was wonderful to see each other in person again. More than in Zoom meetings, being in the same room together creates a strong connection and makes it a lot easier to make progress with the project. We made some decisions about how to bring the results (training manual, coaching card deck and policy recommendations) to the world. We will organize an event in Celje, Slovenia, where we will present the results and give a few workshops for people to experience the power of the manual, cards, and recommendations). We will also give presentations in our own countries about the results.

Of course we also got to see the city and had time to chat and meet each other informally during dinner and lunch.

Unfortunately our train back to the Netherlands didn’t run. There was a strike in Germany, so we had to go back by plane. That was a bit of a bummer.