A new project: New Spirit

Martijn Meima

We have signed the contract for our first as an applicant. We are really excited about this project New Spirit.

The goal of New Spirit is to equip key players (trainers, young professionals, company managers) from the Netherlands and Austria with
relevant pedagogical & technical expertise to improve the communication  and  cooperation between youg professionals and company managers.
To achieve our aims, we will work together with BEST, our partner in Austria and Live-to-be, our partner in the Netherlands. We will develop NEW SPIRIT tools for these key players that they can use in
training and work processes.

A new and improved role of trainers shall be initiated, enabling them to
bring together young adult learners with company representatives – as their (potential) employers – and making these parties
learn from each other, increase mutual understanding and, as a consequence, establish more successful work styles &

We will do this by creating a NEW SPIRIT Conceptual Handbook and a NEW Spirit Training Programme & Toolbox.

If you are interested, you can already sign up to be informed about the progress and results of this project.