Create more impact and results with less effort by using the power of the undercurrent. In our trainings and coaching you will learn how to tap into a new source of information that will help you grow your business.

Make your trainings more effortless and create a deeper and lasting effect for your clients by using our Source4Success approach. We offer you training and tools to work with the subconscious undercurrent and surf the intuitive flow.

Take your coaching to the next level by including the subconscious undercurrent.  By learning new, intuitive ways of coaching, you will have more impact with less effort. We offer you training and tools to coach lasting transformations.

Bring the full potential of your team to life and make them fit for the uncertain, changing and complex world. By unraveling the multiplicity of stories and tapping into a deeper, collective knowledge, your team will thrive again.

“Frédérique and Martijn, I highly recommend you as a team to every team and organization on their way to achieve their goals in a pleasant, transforming, and unexpected way! Such powerful tools and  exercises! The energy you are spreading is just amazing! You are so magic as a team! It is unbelievable how you support the deep connection in a group, deep transformation just in one day!”

Paulina Yordanova, Managing partner, Universe Flowa

“It was a magic healing process to explore an idea or a project by combining the archetype storywork with constellations to really see what is your journey inward and outward. Combining constellations with story archetypes is a match made in heaven.”

Mariana Ivanova, entrepreneur